Lionsgate Studio to join hands with Theta Network
Lionsgate Studio to join hands with Theta Network

Lionsgate becomes latest Hollywood studio to bring content to Theta Network

Through their Medium Account theta network announced that ” We are excited to bring global entertainment powerhouse Lionsgate to the Theta Network.

Lionsgate’s extensive media portfolio includes the STARZ global subscription platform, along with Lionsgate Films’ 17,000-title library as well as the largest collection of film and television franchises in the independent media space, including famed titles like John WickThe Hunger GamesNow You See MeSaw, and Blair Witch.”

Also being said Lionsgate will kick off on streaming with movie night screenings of mainstream hits like American Psycho and The Blair Witch Project, as well as cult horror classics like Leprechaun and The Wicker Man. More details to come, but expect to see the first showings in early March running through summer 2021.

Theta’s featured premium content from Hollywood studios like Lionsgate, MGM, Jukin Media and Cinedigm is part of a larger strategy of innovating and driving new monetization models in the entertainment space. Major media companies have rightly moved to digital-first strategies in the last 5 years, and the next step is for monetization to undergo its own digital transformation.

That begins with Theta token rewards for users that participate in video streaming and sharing, but soon will expand to unique non-fungible digital assets as a way for entertainment companies to generate new, incremental revenue streams. Imagine if film and TV buffs could own a piece of all-time classic characters or moments from their favorite shows and movies or a part of an upcoming blockbuster?

It’s an untapped market in the fast-growing NFT space and we think the media and entertainment industry today is ready to lead the mainstream adoption for NFTs and blockchain technologies.

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